The "join test games" page

Using this page you may join one of the "test games".
To play a test game does not mean to prove your playing skills but checking our mailer compatability. In the past many games have stalled because TRNs come not in as a result of a mailer incompatability.
To prevent such bad things, you have to log onto a test game and play one full turn (receiving your RST and sending back a TRN). If all looks fine, the host control bot will drop you from the game and raise your player rank to "Ensign" automatically. With this rank you may join a "real" game using this web service.

If you already have played your test turn, you may visit the
"join real games" page or go back to the game list.

Joining a test game
Your REAL name (first AND last name)
Your eMail address (please double-check)
Publish the eMail address to the player list Yes
(Deselect, if you do not want to have your eMail address published)
Your home country
Press JOIN to send your request via Mail

Please understand, that on this host we are using real names to identify ourselfs. If you specify a phantasy-name you have to calculate to be dropped without a warning.

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