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Rubik's Cube

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Click on the cube and, in lowercase:
Press the s key to scramble
Press the r key to restore

Sorry, you won't be able to see the cube unless Java is available

Click and drag a corner to rotate a side - a side can be left partially rotated but you'll need a cube for a new move

Click and drag elsewhere in the box to rotate the whole view

If you drop your ISP connection now without leaving this page, you can probably continue to play off-line.

Want to have your own local copy? You'll need the file rubik.class. Click here to download it (13k)
Put the rubik.class file in the same directory as a web page and put the following HTML code between the <body> tags:

<applet width="120" height="120" code="rubik.class"></applet>

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© Keith Thomasson October 16th 1999