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The Dreambird Scenario

a completely new scenario for VGA Planets

part of the PHCc autohost software
(c) 2001-2081 Bernd Ruf

Coding: Bernd Ruf
Storyline: Cameron Percival
Beta-test leading: Ilya Lebedev


From: The Dreambird High Council
To: All races in the Echo Cluster


For generations there have been legends about us being told throughout the Echo Cluster. Mankind states that we are a race of birds whose only goal is to bring peace to the Echo Cluster. They are partly right. Our goal IS to bring peace and order to the Echo Cluster, however we are not really 'birds'. We share properties with ALL races, our physical appearance is one similar to the Birdmen - which is how we became known as "The Dreambirds".

In furtherance of our ambition, we have decided to reveal ourselves to the space faring races of the Echo Cluster. We promise to bring peace to the worlds and help colonists get along with the native races.

In order for us to help you, we first require a planet where we would be able to build an embassy. Obviously, you must own the planet before we can create an embassy there.
Please know, however that we do not, and will not ever take control of any planet away from you. We are only ambassadors for the greater good.

To notify us of the planet that you want us to build our embassy on, set a ships friendly code to "oDE" (open Dreambird Embassy) while orbiting that planet. The dreambird race will open their embassy and send an ambassador to this planet. This planet will become your first Dreambird planet. We will award points to you for each planet which you allow us to use.

If you help us to colonize planets, we will bring peace to those planets and give you one point per planet that you have given us.

These points are your major task in this scenario.

The Hostmaster can set any of the following as a victory condition. Point limit (When any race reaches this number of points, the game ends), or a turn limit (Player with the most Dreambird planets after this number of turns will win)

But how do you help us colonise the Echo Cluster?
Well, this is an easy job.

First, send an unarmed ship to the embassy planet.
We are peaceful beings and will not set foot on an armed ship. For this reason, we will not set foot on Fireclouds, or Super Star Destroyers AT ALL, even if they have got no beams or torpedos.
Also the ship must not carry materials or supplies while the Dreambird is on board. Only colonists are allowed to be transported.

Second, set the ships friendly code to "iDC" (invite Dreambird Citizen).
The dreambird ambassador will send one dreambird citizen to your ship immediately.

Third, move the ship to any one of your planets.
When you arrive, set the ships friendly code to "lDC" (land Dreambird Citizen) and the dreambird will colonise the planet. You will get one point per turn for every one of your Dreambird planets

Our Embassy CAN be closed (for re-location or whatever using the ships friendly code "cDE"), but if you DO close an embassy, there will be a penalty of 75 points for doing so. This is because we see this as a hostile action against us. After all, we are only trying to help! So be sure to pick the location of your embassy planets CAREFULLY.



The legend states that it is impossible to intercept or attack a ship with a dreambird citizen on board.
It is also said that the dreambirds bring peace to their worlds so that colonists are no longer eaten by the amorphous worms.
A common Myth which has been bandied about is that the Dreambird Citizens like wearing colored robes. If the robes signify anything or not, is not mentioned.

Furthermore, it is written that Dreambird Citizens and Ambassadors can detect cloaked ships in orbit. Ambassadors, it is said, can even de-cloak ships when a cloaked ship is detected by calling an emergency meeting of the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle then sends out a powerful blast of tachyon which will de-cloak ANY cloaked ship. It is said that even Darkwings cannot escape this. This same book states that the only time ships orbiting a planet will get de-cloaked is when the cloaked ship is orbiting a world with the Dreambird Ambassador on it.

Another common Legend about the Dreambirds, is that they do not try to hide from Sensor Sweeps which are carried out by ships orbiting the planet.

Nobody knows if these Myths and Legends are correct or not, but the truth will be discovered once contact is made.


From: The Evil Empire Secret Service
To: The Emperor

Our secret service reports that there are TWO ways to gain Dreambird points:

The well-known one to help the Dreambirds to colonize planets and get one point per turn for this and

A second one by taking over enemy Dreambird planets. If we conquer an enemy Dreambird planet, we will receive 10 Dreambird points from the planet once. The best part of this method is that the enemy will LOSE 15 Dreambird points for allowing this to happen!

This implies that unprotected Dreambird planets are a permanent danger because if we loose a Dreambird planet to an enemy race, the Dreambird ambassador becomes angry because of our negligence and deducts 15 Dreambird points from our race.

Even worse is to loose a Dreambird planet without combat. For example by beaming up all colonists, colonist revolts or anything which causes a planet to become unowned. The Dreambird ambassador will not understand such strange occurrences and will withdraw 25 Dreambird points from our race.

It is to be assumed that all other races also have knowledge of this second way to get points so we advise that we plan carefully, lest we fall into a trap laid by our enemies.





This is the host sequence of events to be used by the host program:


Ambassador sends dreambirds onto ships

Before combat:

Dreambird ships avoid intercepts
Ambassadors calling for the inner circle


Check for lost embassy world
Close embassy
Open new embassy
Check for lost dreambird worlds
Dreambird white sense
Land dreambird citiziens

Point Penalties:
As at this writing, the points applied to the following conditions are: